A Human Perspective on Productivity

Human being ticking goals off a list
Ticking goals off a list, demonstrating productivity

For many organizations, getting every last drop of output possible from humans whilst they are at work, has long been seen as a worthy and necessary goal. Not doing this, is often seen as a failure of management as it puts the maximization of profitability at risk.

Those same organizations…

Magician conjuring carrots for employee rewards — to represent the CEO in the story deciding on what the carrots look like as rewards for employees
Magician conjuring carrots for employee rewards

Employees in groups of 2’s and 3’s slowly filter into the communal space. Talk of work, and inside jokes, quickly subside as they enter.

The gathering wait patiently for the CEO to give the organisation’s traditional annual performance presentation. Hushed words are exchanged amongst staff. Some try to guess which…

A human giving unconditional positive regard to a fellow human, enabling them to grow
A human giving unconditional positive regard to a fellow human, enabling them to grow

Unconditional positive regard —a concept counsellors, therapists, coaches and those in similar professions will likely be very familiar with.

The idea was born from the late humanistic psychologist Carl Rogers, who developed person-centered therapy and provides much of the inspiration for human-centricity. …

A job seeker and recruiter seeking to meet but with multiple hoops in the way
A job seeker and recruiter facing a number of hoops to jump through to determine…

Let’s be honest, recruitment can be really hard work for both organisations and job seekers — particularly the latter.

A job seeker can spend hours searching a multitude of locations (potentially both physical and virtual) for suitable roles, only to find time and time again that the job adverts are…

Five Principles of a Human-Centric Philosophy
Five Principles of a Human-Centric Philosophy

I’ve been researching and blogging about human-centricity for a little while now and come to the realisation that it’s an area of huge untapped potential which if scaled up, has the capacity to transform organisations ready for a post-pandemic world of work, where humans genuinely matter, are truly valued and…

Humans experimenting with playful elements to the workplace

Work and fun are often thought of as being at complete opposite ends of a spectrum. And understandably so — how much fun could anyone have stacking shelves, inputting numbers into spreadsheets or jumping between uninspiring video calls all day?

Some organisations will recognise this (or at least certain managers…

Humans expressing their feelings about mandated change

It’s a big question, no doubt about it! So let’s start from the beginning…

There’s a commonly held belief at present, as evidenced by the amount of times it’s mentioned in organisations and a quick Google search (which includes references to scientific studies and psychology sources).

And the belief is…

A human hitting pause amidst chaos is absolutely fine

When was the last time you hit the pause button in life?

Literally — stopped fighting fires, stopped trying to satisfy others at all cost, stopped working all hours and instead, gave yourself the gift of time and thinking space for your own benefit and wellbeing.

If the answer is…

Brett Jarman

On a journey to unlock what it means to be human-centric. thehumancoach.co.uk

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